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The Knowledge Base is home to important information for all things TittieCoin. We do our best to keep the information here up to date and relevant, should you find any inconsistencies within the information provided within the Knowledge Base please login to the user area and submit a support ticket with your findings. Our low level Bug Bounty is currently set at 500 TIT per error for any errors found across For high level bugs and vulnerabilities please contact our support team to discuss rewards.

How to withdraw from TTC v1.7 from Cryptopia At 02:00:00 AM (UTC) on 20 December 2018 all users with the old version of TIttieCoin TTC on Cryptopia will be able to withdraw. Users who are swapping from Cryptopia v1.7 to v2.1 will send coins directly from Cryptopia exchange to the address provided by the live chat agent on .

On the day of the 20th you will need to go to do the following:
1. On and start a chat with one of our Live Chat Support Team
2. Ask the agent for a TTC swap address
3. Withdraw directly from Cryptopia to a swap address

If you do not have access to a PC your coins can be added to your user account on, register now so you are ready!

If you do have a PC you can supply your TittieCoin v2.1 wallet address to the live chat agent who will then send you the same amount of coins to the new version.

Note the time Cryptopia wallets will open on Thursday 20th December as they are located in New Zealand
GMT-5 EST = Eastern Standard Time (USA & Canada) 9pm 19th December
GMT-6 CST = Central Standard Time (USA & Canada) 8pm 19th December
GMT-8 PST = Pacific Standard Time (USA & Canada) 6pm 19th December
GMT +2 EET = Eastern European Time 4am 20th December
GMT +1 CET = Central European Time 3am 20th December


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The TittieCon - TIT Developers

Timestamp: 10th/12/18 09:39am

How to swap from old TitCoin to new TittieCoin - TIT v2.1 TitCoin Swaps are now open!
The new version of TittieCoin TIT proudly leverages a PIVX/DASH source code base to combine a mixture of Masternode and Proof of Stake governance without the need for proof of Work. Not only does this make TittieCoin TIT much more environmentally friendly than the old sha256 version of TitCoin, it also means that Titcoin has jumped the transition curve in relation to user and transaction security.

All users that have access to a PC can do the following:
Download and sync the TittieCoin TIT v2.1 wallet located here.
Once the wallet has downloaded and synced please open Live Chat on the bottom right of and start a live chat session. Choose TitCoin Swap department. with our support staff. You can find the Live chat tab on the bottom right corner of the website. Should you not see the live chat option please click on the "Live Support" tab located on the footer at the bottom of our website.



This guide is for a single masternode, on a Ubuntu 16.04 64bit server (VPS) running headless and will be controlled from the Desktop wallet on your local computer (Control wallet). The wallet on the the VPS will be referred to as the Remote wallet.
You will need your server details for progressing through this guide.

First we cover the basic requirements:

  1. 4,000,000 TIT
  2. A main computer (Your everyday computer) – This will run the control wallet, hold your collateral 4,000,000 four million TIT and can be turned on and off without affecting the masternode.
  3. Masternode Server (VPS – The cloud server that will run 24/7, usually about $3 to $5 a month )

(For security of the network as well as your masternodes performance, you’re are going to need a different IP for each masternode you plan to host)

The idea behind the reasoning for these requirements is that, you get to keep your TIT in your local wallet and host your masternode remotely, securely.


1) Using the control wallet, enter the debug console (Tools > Debug console) and type the following command:
masternode genkey(This will be the masternode’s privkey. We’ll use this later…)

2) Continue using the control wallet, enter the following command:
getaccountaddress MN1(This can be named as you wish)

3) Still in the control wallet, send 4,000,000 TIT to the address you generated in step 2 (Be 100% sure that you entered the address correctly. You can verify this when you paste the address into the “Pay To:” field, the label will autopopulate with the name you chose”, also make sure this is exactly 4,000,000 four million TIT; No less, no more.)
Be absolutely 100% certain that you copied the address generated in step 3 correctly. And then check it again. TittieCoin Support will not be able to help if 4,000,000 TIT is sent to an incorrect address.

4) Still in the control wallet, enter the command into the console:
masternode outputs (This gets the proof of transaction of sending 10,000)

5) Still on the main computer, go to the TtitieCoin wallet, by default in Windows it’ll be %Appdata%/TIT or Linux ~

Find masternode.conf and add the following line to it:

How to setup Proof of Stake TittieCoin proudly leverages a PIVX source code base to combine a mixture of Masternode and Proof of stake governance without the need for proof of work miners. Not only does this make TittieCoin much more environmentally friendly than its proof of work cousins, it also means that TittieCoin has jumped the transition curve in relation to user and transaction security. TittieCoin is an independent currency, meaning it is not governed by the same structure as Ethereum ERC20 tokens that suffer at the mercy of the ETH price or the misfortune of smart contract misconfiguration or hackers of linked tokens dumping the price.