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What is a MasterNode?

Not to worry, We've got you covered.

Masternodes are the big earners of the TittieCoin network. In one way, you can think of a TTC MasterNodes as your own private saving account (You put 7,500,000 TTC into a locked account, and in return you are rewarded with interest). On the other hand, Masternodes are what help secure the community and relay transactions across the network.

Personal Wealth

Secure your wealth and protect your investment by obtaining a TTC masternode to earn rewards.

Protect Privacy

With each Masternode, the ability to protect your privacy increase as the community network grows stronger.

True Governance

Every Masternode gets to participate in the underlaying governance of TTC. No more centerlized decision making.

Solid Code

With a trusted Dev team, the evolution of TittieCoin continues to work towards our vision of Tittie island.