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posted 12/20/2014 16:58:32 by bitcoinproject

Suchplay is such provably fair gaming site.
Playing is at your own risk. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

Welcome To The Official Tittiecoin TTC Pool
posted 10/05/2014 19:13:10 by bitcoinicon

TittieCoin (TTC) is a real digital currency that can be traded for goods and services or just traded, 
it's your Titties you decide! We offer mining pools, wallet QT support, 
as well as many other unique features and services that are In development at the moment. 
Tittiecoin is safeguarded from being exploited by ASIC miners and Multipools so nothing to worry about there.

• Difficulty adjusts every 10 blocks with a 25% cap 
• Block reward halves every 2 years
• 8008 coins per block
• 5.6 billion total coins
• RPC port: 8008
• NET port: 8007
• 3 min blocks