TittieCoin is designed with adult entertainers
and developers in mind who like a touch of class!

8008 Coins Per Block

Block reward halves every 2 years

5.6 billion total coins

3 min blocks

Scrypt Algorithm

Secured by POW system

Difficulty adjusts every 10 blocks

25% cap

Tittiecoin Ports

RPC port: 8008

NET port: 8007

Buy and sell Tittiecoin

Come with us on a journey into the unknown as we work to take digital currency
into the future and bring real value to those who deserve it most!



CryptoRush is the place to buy, sell, and trade currencies.
Grow your funds, we want to see you profit!



An exchange built out of the need to improve on the faults
of other exchanges by a dev with a keen interest in pleasing the users of the site, within reason.



Bynergy provides a set of available coins from which you can
place offers or view offers others have already placed, using an automated escrow service.



Vote to have Tittiecoin added to AskCoin Exchange.
AskCoin Is A Trusted And Registered UE Company: #PL9121588847. Please login with twitter to vote



A Crypto-currency trade market exchange
that is fast, secure and easy-to-use with real-time trading. Based out of Tallin, Estonia. Login to vote.



HitBTC is the registered brand of
HIT Technologies trading as an Exchange environment. Place offers or view offers others have already placed, No need to login to vote.

Recommend An Exchange


Can you recommend an exchnage that you would like to see Tittiecoin trading on? It always helps when the community contacts exchanges and puts in a request.

How to configure Tittiecoin?

Tittiecoin.conf File


CGMiner Commands

--user username
--pass password

How to install Tittiecoin-qt

This section will be updated within the next few days please keep checking back

How to update tittiecoin.conf

This section will provide a video with step by step instructions on how to update your tittiecoin.conf file.

Start Mining Tittiecoin With A List Of Tried And Trusted Pools

Remember to spread the hashrate!

Official Tittiecoin Pool

PROP System - Heavy Rigs

Miners are rewarded according to a PROP system with 2% fee.
The Pool is not an e-wallet or a bank for your coins
payouts are sent every 30 minutes


Sponsored Multipool

This is a NGv2 Pool - you can use your Suprnova unified login for Titticoin no need to re-set everything!
Usually coins have a confirmation set to 120

iSpace Mining Pools

Vardiff Multipool

Crypto Coin Mining Pools for various alternatives to Bitcoin
for miners. The pool offers dedicated mining ports for each coin and provides links to rig rentals


Vardiff Multipool

CoinKing is a multipool coin mining service created by miners
for miners. The pool offers dedicated mining ports for each
coin and the servers are DDOS resistant

Kinky Pool

anonymous Mining Pool

Kinky Pool is an anonymous mining pool that for adult coin
miners. The pool offers dedicated mining ports for each
coin and boasts a 0% mining fee.

OxOa P2Pool


There is no registration; you can mine straight to your address by supplying it as a username; and you'll receive a payout the
second a block is found CPU&GPU ONLY!

Our Amazing Works

Right here we've got something you gonna love

Projects currently under development - Percentage Of Completion

If you have any ideas or recommendations please let us know.


API Integration

We are consistently working on market leading innovation that will give our community a stepping stone into real value, we stress the importance of understanding the difference within the digital currency market!


0% Fee Mining Pools

We value community and plan to develope
Tittiecoin to a point that will not only impress the skeptics but also reward the loyal community who stuck with Tittiecoin through thick and thin or just thin.



We are working on a video share service
a way to get adult entertainers involved as well as the community. There will be options for paid ad placements as well as various media promotion options for earning Tittiecoin within TittieTube.


In wallet Entertainment

We understand the importance of leading the market, we are proving this by giving our community the innovation they deserve for the investment they have given us and continue to provide! We are all about YOU, not pumping or faking value.

Our Amazing Works

Right here we've got something you gonna love

Download The All New Web Wallet NOW! (Updated 13/12/14)

New Wallet Version On Windows Only, Mac Bounty Available!

Simply download and move the folder "web-wallet-master" To your desktop and open tittiecoin-qt.exe

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