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The TittieCoin network is built on privacyWith security at it's very core.

TittieCoin (TIT) is a masternode, proof of stake and privacy based digital currency created early January 2014. TIT is currently being developed to be the exclusive currency for Tittie island, a vision that we are working towards. The TittieCoin Core Network enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world, however, the main real world use for TittieCoin will be for goods and services on Tittie island.

All decentralised cryptocurrency communities have one type of reward system or another for individuals who help secure their network. In systems like Bitcoin, the rewards are given to ‘sha256 miners’, individuals, groups of people or organisations that use these specialised rigs to secure the Bitcoin network. In TittieCoin, anyone who has TIT can help secure the network and is able to receive rewards for their efforts!

There's four key areas in which our community all help out TittieCoin in different ways and are all receiving rewards for those efforts.

1 - Masternodes

Each masternode that joins contributes to and improves overall network security and privacy, in return the masternode operator is rewarded with 70% of the total reward.

2 - Proof of stake

Staking your TIT on the TittieCoin network has no required minimum of TIT coins, however, the more TIT held the more frequent the rewards are and proof of stake requires the wallet to be active 24/7.

3 - Offering help

Help us along with development, marketing, customer support and more, you become eligible to earn TIT for your time and work. If you’d like to support our team with these activities, please reach out to us via our support platform.

4 - Free TIT

Cryptocurrency projects love tipping and giving away free coins to encourage community growth and to share the excitement, TIttieCoin is built on the principle of sharing the love so stop by in our Discord to catch some free coins in chat or via our live stream on TittieCoin Radio.

TittieCoin's future proof code baseJumping the transition curve TittieCoin proudly leverages a DASH/PIVX source code base with a few changes to combine a mixture of Masternode and Proof of stake governance without the need for proof of work (POW) miners. Not only does this make TittieCoin much more environmentally friendly than its proof of work cousins, it also means that TittieCoin has jumped the transition curve in relation to user and transaction security. TittieCoin is an independent currency, meaning it is not governed by the same structure as Ethereum ERC20 tokens that suffer at the mercy of the ETH price or the misfortune of smart contract misconfiguration or hackers of linked tokens dumping the price.

A merger with purposeTitCoin and TittieCoin unite...

Titcoin was founded by three cryptocurrency advocates from New York City, the founders developed Titcoin for the adult entertainment industry as a cash alternative payment system for performing anonymous transactions.
Since then, in a much publicized acquisition TittieCoin bought out TitCoin to carry the TitCoin legacy by combining TitCoin and TittieCoin into one super currency, offering lighting speed transactions, user privacy and one of the best use cases ever, Tittie island. TitCoin holders have the exciting opportunity to be part of one of the most exciting communities within the crypro space and at the some time have a focused, talented and dedicated development team at hand to deliver nothing but excellence as the minimum standard.

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TittieCoin is morethan just an altcoin.

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