Proof of Stake

The TittieCoin network is built on privacyWith security at it's very core.

If you are not familiar with the term, Proof-of-stake is like mining with your TIT balance. Let’s say for the sake of an example you have 100000 TIT and don't plan on transferring them anytime soon, you can set those funds up to Stake. The wallet will need to run on a computer with permanent internet access 24/7 and your TittieCoin wallet will need to be unlocked for Staking so you can receive your TIT rewards, currently 69 is the full block so 30% of the block 20.7 TIT goes to Stakers and 70% of the block 48.3 TIT goes to Masternode holders when rewards are received. Essentially, the TittieCoin network is like a savings account that helps to keep the network secure and at the same time helps to balance the influence Masternodes and Stakers can achieve.

Many poeple think privacy is reserved for people who partake in illicit activities, but there are many valid reasons why people not engaged in illicit activities would want to have private transactions. The following can no longer happen with private transactions:


Random people looking up your receiving or sender address to check the balance and transaction history.

Method 2

Yourself becoming a suspect by receiving coins known or suspected of criminal history, and such coins could be seized or “de-listed” from exchanges.

True Governance

Every Masternode gets to participate in the underlying governance of TIT. No more centralized decision making.

Solid Code

With a trusted Dev team, the evolution of TittieCoin continues to work towards our vision of Tittie island.

Why Proof of Stake?An environmentally friendly and secure choice. Proof of Stake offers a more secure overall network and each TIT transaction must be double verified by a random staker and masternode as well as being confirmed 101 consecutive times by contributors. An attacker would need to own 70.7% of staked coins for a 50% chance of double spending or invalidating a single block. A successful PoS attack would greatly devalue the attacker’s assets when discovered. Whereas, a successful PoW attack may cost an attacker only electricity. TIT staking can also be decentralized amongst all of its users and cannot be traced by electricity use, whereas, mining is concentrated within regions where electricity is cheaper. Another factor that should be considered is that PoW is traceable by high constant power demand.

TittieCoin is morethan just an altcoin.

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