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This Android Tittiecoin Faucet lets you earn free Tittiecoins every hour from your Android device or PC.

The Faucet offers you these features:

• Claim once every hour.
• Automatic withdrawals every 15 claims. Don’t wait to get your coins.
• Get a referral code after 25 claims. Both you and the person you refer earn an extra 10%.
• Earn a bonus of 1% more every claim. Up to an extra 100%.
• Set a notification that alerts you to claim again. No need to check the app every minute.
• Claim your free coins on the go from anywhere in the world!


How to use the Android Tittiecoin Facuet

When claiming your coins, you’ll have to solve a CAPTCHA similar to the one below



To solve it, follow these steps:

• Read it like this: ” iDF (Two times seven) + Three”
• Then convert it to numbers: “iDF(2*7)+3”
• Calculate: “iDF 2 x 7 + 3” = “iDF17”
• Enter it in the shown order: “iDF17”
• If the letters are at the end of the numbers then enter : “17iDF”

The shown letters are case-sensitive, therefore “17idf” will not be valid.

If you can’t read the shown captcha, touch this button in the App: reload

At first, the reward is set to 10 TTC + bonus, up to 20 TTC per claim.
If you want to donate to keep the faucet running and to increase the reward,
please send any donation amount to:



Please read the info on how to solve the capture before downloading

Get the Android Tittiecoin Faucet on Google Play.


Don’t have an Android device? Download this first.



Swipe the images to move through the steps.