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  • Why mine Tittiecoin?: TTC is a digital currency secured by Dark Gravity Wave 3 a POW (Proof Of Work) scrypt mining algorithm (Calculation process) this makes it possible for anyone to earn Tittiecoin TTC by using a PC, Mac or ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) to authorize and verify transactions on the TTC network. Anyone can make a profit using their PC, Mac or ASIC device to mine (Be A Cashier) on the network.
  • What is the reward?: Tittiecoin currently pays miners (Cashiers) an 138TTC mining reward per block solved, with a 3 minute Block Time. The total coins are currently set at 2.2 Billion Total Coins (Total coins will reduced in TTC V1.7).  Tittiecoin also pays miners any additional fees for verifying transactions on the TTC network when someone spends Tittiecoin on a Merchant website, making mining profitable for anyone. In the case where you wanted to cash your Tittiecoin for Dollars you can do so via Cryptsy Exchange.
  • How easy is TTC to mine?: Unlike Bitcoin, Tittiecoin has something called Vardiff (Variable Difficulty), this means that the difficulty of calculating the mathematical equations will increase, protecting the network. On the other hand if miners dropped off the network and stopped mining, the difficulty would decrease and the current miners would still be able to earn profitable rewards, neat huh!

Below you will find a list of mining pools to mine on. Mining pools are were groups of people mine together to make it easier to earn rewards by sharing PC, Mac and Asic power (Hashrate).

Official Tittiecoin Pool:  No sign up required, mine to your TTC address.

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CoinKing: A well established multipool.

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AX0X P2P Pool: CPU, GPU mining. ASIC Mining NOT SUPPORTED!

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Suprnova: A well established ASIC Mining pool.

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Bejjan: Stratum Pool ASIC Mining Supported

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