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  • Why accept TittieCoin?: No contract required, You don’t need to sign a contract to accept TTC as a payment option. You either download the wallet, let your customers pay in advance and convert your TTC to Bitcoin, US Dollars or Euros, alternatively, join our marketplace and create your personal profile for more convenience. TittieCoin is an addition to your list of current payment options and makes accepting adult payments an easy and painless process.
  • Customer Privacy: By using TittieCoin as a payment option users do not share credit card details, this eliminates the potential for fraud and receipts from adult sites showing up on credit card statements or online banking transaction lists. In addition to this we have a downloadable application called  “Tittiecoin Web Wallet” where users can browse websites with no internet history being saves on their PC’s. The “TittieCoin Web Wallet” can also hold their Tittiecoin currency eliminating the need to move to a web browser.
  • Very low fees / No chargebacks: Generate more profit due to very low transaction fees. Receive payments from users worldwide, chargeback-free and confirmed in less than 5 minutes. At the end of the working day, month or when ever you wish, simply convert your TTC to the currency of your choice.

Our API has just been released, we are contacting merchants to accept TittieCoin by means of integrating our API Payment Gateway. Interested in accepting TittieCoin (TTC)? Go to our API page to start accepting TittieCoin, say goodbye to charge-backs and fees.